Steering Committee Meeting, Jan. 25, 2023

The Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin Steering Committee will meet virtually Jan. 25, 2023.


12pm Check-in

  • Talking Points for upcoming legislative meetings – Update
  • FCW generalized currently under review
  • Campus specific/individualized draft written, to be edited in collab with campus marketing
  • Testimonials from external partners needed
  • RFP#3 update
  • FCW Internal:
    • Defining Watersheds – GIS Specialist PD student hourly
    • Scholarships administration – SC next steps after Certificates
    • Pool of funds that students apply to get to pay for housing/tuition for summer (or any qualifying student experience)
  • Certificates check in/reminder
  • Conferences:
    • Phosphorus Conference mention
    • GLHEC Symposium updates
    • NCUR special session & Open House
  • 1:30pm Close

Join Zoom meeting:
Password: FCW