Why Study Water?

Water is a growing career field for those who care about the environment. Employers want to hire people with hands-on experiences who are interested in solving challenges related to climate change, increasing populations, sustainable agricultural and fishing practices, and other issues that affect valuable water resources.

You can pursue many paths with a water-related degree:

  • Work to ensure safe drinking water
  • Monitor contaminants that affect waterways and beaches
  • Create safer and more efficient water infrastructure
  • Manage invasive species to protect ecosystems
  • Advocate for better water policies
  • Restore and conserve habitats
  • Educate the community about water issues
  • Go to graduate school to further your expertise

Each of Wisconsin’s 13 public universities offers a degree program or coursework in water studies — and every school is part of the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. This allows students to enroll at one UW university for a degree and to expand their water knowledge by participating in hands-on experiences and unique coursework at other UW System schools.

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