FCW State Legislative Funding Request for Proposals #2, Deadline June 1, 2022

Review the Full State Legislative Funding Request for Proposals #2 Before Submitting Your Proposal

Download Full RFP#2 Here

Each campus will compile proposals containing all necessary materials for individual projects that must be submitted by the Office of Sponsored Research/Programs. All awardees will have a reporting requirement that includes a midterm and proposal close Qualtrics survey as well as quarterly meetings with the FCW director.

All materials for RFP #2 must be submitted by June 1, 2022, through the online application form using the submission button at the bottom of this page. The proposal must include the following items for each proposed project:

  • Project Narrative: Describe the proposed project, how it aligns with FCW strategic initiatives, and the anticipated impact at the campus and state level, with consideration of how the project contributes to growing and strengthening FCW.
  • Budget: Identify the anticipated expenses and provide a timeline for using funds. List any grants, matching funds from the campus, or other financial sources highlighting requested FCW funding. Faculty course-buyouts are allowable costs. Indirect costs are not allowable. Allowable personnel are limited-term employees, adjunct instructors (up to 18 months), graduate assistants, and hourly students. Faculty course buyouts are allowed.
  • Data Reporting Plan: Identify the metrics, methods, and the campus’s role and plan for data collection and reporting for the proposed project. The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) has developed several metrics per award type (see Appendix). Campuses are expected to review NORC metrics and detail their plan. If campuses need to tweak these metrics, NORC is available to help.
  • Endorsement Page: Obtain the signatures of the applicant and collaborators, applicant’s supervisor or department chair, the Steering Committee Member, and the Provost and/or Academic Affairs representative. This will be used to determine campus support and buy-in for the proposed project.
    • Endorsement Page for UW-Madison: Applicant must use the WISPER electronic routing application to secure department and dean/director/division-level authorizations. Division-authorized WISPER records should be routed to WISPER user RUSSELL SCHWALBE in department 34-0200. Please set the “submission method” field in the WISPER record to “internal routing only.” The record does not need to be routed through the Research and Sponsored Programs office
  • Other supporting documents such as letters of support, brochures, or program information.

The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of internal and external reviewers with academic and legislative experience who will make funding recommendations to the Executive Director.

  • 3 external reviewers
    • Academic professor in water field in the Midwest
    • US Geological Society water specialist
    • Evaluation and diversity specialist
  • 3 internal reviewers
    • STEM and applied research specialist
    • Marketing specialist
    • Water engineer

The review committee may request additional information, clarification, and/or edits before making a determination on proposal portfolios. The Executive Director will make final decisions on the awards.

Once the award is determined, the steering committee member will be notified and given an award letter. The award letter will include details on fund disbursement, evaluation, and reporting.

It is strongly encouraged to review the evaluation criteria prior to submitting the application. For questions, please email Marissa Jablonski (jablons5@uwm.edu).

Download and complete the following documents prior to beginning your online application: