We are a partnership of Wisconsin's 13 public universities, connecting with industry partners, local communities, policymakers and advocacy groups.

Our mission

Our mission is to train the next generation of water researchers and problem solvers and to establish Wisconsin as a global leader in water-related science, technology and economic growth. In addition to preparing future scientists and water managers, our work benefits everyone who uses or relies on water, from farmers to homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts to manufacturers.

Powered by our multidisciplinary approach, we provide students the opportunity to customize their degrees and focus on some of the most pressing water-related challenges of our time: clean water, climate change, reliable water systems, a robust economy and technological innovation.

As a system of universities in Wisconsin we share stewardship of the land and water between the Michigami, the full system of Great Lakes, and Michiziibi, the great Mississippi River, with the current sovereign nations of Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Ojibwe, Oneida and Mohican people along with the ancestors before them. Together we commit to being connected to this space, increasing our knowledge of it and transmitting that knowledge to future generations.

Our thanks to Dr. Margaret Noodin, director of the Electa Quinney Institute and a Center for Water Policy scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for crafting this land and water acknowledgement.

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Wisconsin: We Run on Water

Welcome from FCW executive director Marissa Jablonski

Thanks for your interest in the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. As a researcher who was born and raised in Wisconsin, I am thrilled to be a part of this unprecedented initiative. Thirteen universities, along with additional partners from government, industry and local communities, have united to make the state a world leader in water sciences.

The mission of FCW has never been more important. Worldwide, climate change, population trends and other challenges are forcing us to rethink, and to revolutionize, how we use, safeguard and conserve our most precious resource. At the same time, water has become the world’s fastest growing economic sector. More than 75% of jobs globally are water-dependent.

At FCW, we are preparing Wisconsin to lead. We’re supporting science that seeks to fill gaps in our knowledge. We’re training future water researchers, policymakers and technology innovators to tackle the big challenges. We’re building a network that stretches far beyond the state’s borders, promoting education, responsible stewardship and job creation.

Please take a look around our new website. Our Research page highlights a few of the projects we currently support, with additional information for researchers on how to apply for future funding. You'll find archival documents about FCW's evolution, and a roadmap for where we're headed, on the Plans page. On our Academic Programs & Partners page, learn about the unique strengths of each FCW member and the programs available for prospective students.

I hope you’ll keep in touch as FCW expands in the coming months. Be sure to sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter on the Contact Us page. We can’t wait to share our next chapter with you.

Marissa Jablonski


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