Freshwater Collaborative Data Reporting Surveys

Thank you for your work in supporting Wisconsin’s natural ecosystems and all people by applying research and training to engage and serve communities and solve freshwater challenges. Below are the data reporting survey forms to capture the impact of your work.

You may need to submit more than one data evaluation survey per grant received. This means that the same grant may have multiple forms to complete.


  • If you are part of a multi-institution collaborative award, the PI at each institution must complete the appropriate data reporting surveys for their institution.
  • If your grant covers more than one project type (i.e., career development, student experience, course development and/or collaborative research), the PI must submit a data reporting survey for each type.

Data Reporting Surveys

Freshwater Collaborative Legislative Grant Funds

Freshwater Collaborative UW System Grant Funds


For questions about the forms, please contact Alexandria Sedar at